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Frontend – Beginners

The front-end programmer uses HTML, CSS, and TypeScript to create a user-friendly interface. Therefore, his work is not only technical but also creative and, of course, closely related to web design. Thanks to front-end programming, everything a user can see on a page is the structure of the site, visual and dynamic solutions. A front-end programmer is a real necessity for anyone who wants to tell about their business or other activities and make connections using an attractive and dynamic website.

  • 3005€
    The average salary of a front-end programmer in Europe
  • 96%
    Front-end programmers in Europe are satisfied with their work
  • 87%
    Students successfully complete the Front-end course

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Marthe Weiss

Front-End Developer @Oxylabs.io

I’m really glad I chose CodeAcademy. I met young, enthusiastic lecturers who introduced me to the world of programmers, gave advice for job interviews (very helpful). Also I got strong basics for my first job.

Agata Blau

Front-End Developer @Kilo Health

What did I learn from CodeAcademy? “Only the sky’s the limit”! I realized that with high motivation and the help of professional lecturers it is possible to get rid of various programming stereotypes, load full luggage and step on a firm foot into the IT world. The hardest part is taking the first step, but when, if not now? 

Kyler Feld

Front-End Developer @Hostinger

During CodeAcademy front-end courses I have met great lecturers and colleagues, who helped me to get started in IT and provided a great foundation for embarking on a journey into the world of programmers.


3 - 4 months
  • 1 theme
  • 2 theme
  • 3 theme
  • 4 theme
  • 5 theme

HTML and CSS technologies

In this topic, students are introduced to the basics of HTML and CSS languages, learn to use the automation tool Gulp and write SCSS code. It also reviews the key elements that make up any page on the web. During independent assignments, students apply the knowledge gained during the lectures: create HTML pages and apply style rules to them. 

  • Web sites operating principles, website security, front-end overview, introduction to HTML markup language 
  • Creating a correct HTML page, style rules, HTML5 markup features 
  • CSS selector types, box model, inheritance of rules, review of CSS methodologies, CSS animations 
  • Use of fonts, photos, videos and audio elements on websites 
  • HTML forms 
  • Layout of page elements 
  • SCSS Code Writing, Automation (Gulp) 
  • Website speed optimization, testing tools 
  • Code versioning system GIT 

Responsive design pages

We’ll look at ways to create responsive pages that look good on both a mobile browser and a laptop or tablet. Support for the functionality of different browsers is taken into account. 

  • CSS @media rule, mobile browser properties 
  • Bootstrap review 
  • More complex page layout with CSS flexbox 
  • Support for HTML / CSS functions in different browsers (cross-browser compatibility)

Design clipping

Students learn to create a page based on a prepared design layout. Different tools and techniques are used to translate the layout into HTML and CSS, various practical exercises are performed 

  • Design layout cropping, review of design tools 
  • Design clipping techniques, HTML / CSS writing, practical tasks 
  • Various practical tasks 

JavaScript basics

In this topic, students are introduced to the basics of the JavaScript language. During practice and independent work, students learn to write programs that would perform calculations, process data, display them on a page, and give the page interactivity. In the practical part, students develop a SPA (single page application) application and apply the discussed methods. 

  • JavaScript basics, JavaScript syntax, grammar, data types, operators, conditional sentences, objects 
  • JavaScript functions and loops 
  • Arrays and their methods (sorting, filtering, etc.) 
  • Document object model (DOM), event logging 
  • Manipulating page elements 
  • Data acquisition, storage with AJAX; Storing data in the browser 

Final task

The final practical task assesses students’ ability to create correct HTML pages, apply CSS style rules, and use JavaScript programming language to solve the prepared tasks. 

  • Test of theoretical knowledge 
  • Practical task overview, technical requirements 
  • Independent task performance, teacher consultations 
  • Overview of results 
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Our team of lecturers is a mixture of different IT specialists. Some, like superheroes 🦸, take Top positions in their companies during the day and respond to student calls in the evenings, while others work as freelancers, juggling between clients and students on a daily basis. But they are all 100% ready with the knowledge and experience to help you!🧑‍🎓


Marcel Frank

Team Lead – Developer  @Decadis AG

Course calendar


25 June - 3 Septemper


18:00-22:00 CET


160 hours


  • From 100€ per month in instalments or pay 1500€  in full.

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Frequently asked questions

The schedule of the courses is fixed, all lessons are conducted live, by professional CodeAcademy teachers, to whom you can ask questions during the lectures, check homework, get advice on future projects.

We use one of the most advanced and flexible pedagogical programs for research in the virtual space – Microsoft Teams. Along with Microsoft Teams, you will have free access to the Microsoft Office suite for one year.

Connections to the Study Environment are sent to students 5-3 working days before the start of the classes to the e-mail address specified in the agreement. mail.

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