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Web design (UX/UI) is an essential lifeline for a webpage. It’s the visual presentation of information for the best user experience while maximally considering their comfort and the benefits provided. A web designer must ensure not only an attractive website appearance and informativeness but also convenience – harmonizing the presented information, visuals, and navigation. A visually pleasing and user-friendly web design is undoubtedly a crucial part of a successful image.

  • 2360€
    Average salary of a UX / UI designer in Europe
  • 83%
    UX / UI designers in Europe are satisfied with their job
  • 95%
    Students successfully complete a UX / UI course 95%

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Xaver Schlimme

UX/UI Designer @NordVPN

For CodeAcademy Front-End courses I came already working as UX/UI designer. I felt the need for more technical knowledge and today I can say it was a great decision that brought major qualitative changes in my career. The lecturer and the programme were excellent. Recommend.

Klara Zimmermann

Lead Designer @Surfshark

CodeAcademy School of Programming is a place where students’ curiosity and the knowledge accumulated by professionals meet. Here I met a teacher who became both a teacher and a mentor, a friend, and an inspiration to overcome all the hurdles associated with retraining. These courses have changed my career and opened the door to a whole new world of IT. 

Adelbert Beitel

UX/UI Designer @Reiz Tech

A big thank you to CodeAcademy for helping me build a solid foundation for starting a new career, after deciding to change my career path and go for UX/UI design. After UX/UI design beginners course, naturally I took UX/UI design advanced course, which opened the door to a new career. The lectures were very interesting, encouraged me to be interested more deeply, and the final project was the application of the acquired knowledge. I am very satisfied with my decision to choose CodeAcademy and thank you to the lecturer for interesting lessons and for giving me a solid start to my career.


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User interface design (UI)

Overview of the types of websites: analysis, differences, main tasks and components of each.

Overview, analysis, UX challenges and solutions. Modal windows, buttons, sliders, pagination, form elements, notifications, progress indicators, slides, sidebars, tables, cards, promotional cards, newsletter sign-up forms, media, etc.

Theory on adaptive design for smaller screens: how content layout is changing, UX challenges and solutions. Smartphone screen size preference.

Theory and practice of prototyping animations. Timing, softening, speeding up, pausing, queuing. Learning how to work with an animation application.

Graphic design

Further exploration of artistic tools, the emotions they evoke in their users and the possibilities of their use: composition, contrast and nuance, rhythm, direction, texture and texture, colour, perspective, grid, spatiality, negative space, statics and dynamics, symmetry and asymmetry. Compositional centres and axes (‘golden section’, rule of thirds and others).

Analysis of design styles, links between website themes and the emotions they create, and targeted use. From minimalism to realism.

Overview and development of illustration, collage and icon styles. Special effects. Composition, colouring and technical requirements. Use of animation. Creating an icon library, scaling with a grid, advantages and disadvantages of converting to an icon font.

Photo retouching, editing colour, contrast, adding and removing elements from a photo, portrait retouching.


User experience (UX) of websites

Consumer research highlights, potential questions and insights. An overview of success stories from other websites. Pre-project research and user research for existing projects to improve. A/B testing. Live user interviews. Tracking tools, heat maps.

Development of a preliminary interactive prototype, testing with live users, gathering feedback, refining and finalizing the exact prototype.

Website development technologies

HTML, CSS ir kitų kalbų apžvalga, paskirtis, sintaksė. “Developer Tools” panaudojimas analizuojant svetaines.

Design business management

Creating a portfolio of each student’s work, finding graphic expressions of personal qualities, and presenting the completed work.

The theory, practice and psychology of preparing a commercial proposal. Examples of contracts. Copyright contracts and copyright. Acceptance of works and other legal knowledge.

Routine project development, time planning, teamwork and client communication. LEAN, AGILE, SCRUM and other project management methods

Methods, sources and personal marketing to find new clients


Our team of lecturers is a mixture of different IT specialists. Some, like superheroes 🦸, take Top positions in their companies during the day and respond to student calls in the evenings, while others work as freelancers, juggling between clients and students on a daily basis. But they are all 100% ready with the knowledge and experience to help you!🧑‍🎓


George Muste

Senior Business Consultant UX-Design @ergon.design GmbH

Course calendar


20 May - 24 July


8 hours per day


376 hours


4240 €


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We recommend using your personal computer, as some tasks have to be done at home and it is easier to work with equipment you are already used to.

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